It is important for anyone starting a business to be part of a network of other small business owners.  Having the opportunity to offer support and share resources with each other, can be invaluable. 


We felt that this was important for us to get established, and we wanted to share with you how we are getting involved with other local businesses.

Collaborating with Laura Hughes;

a fully qualified nutritional therapist who runs The Pregnancy Food Company, Dorset.  

Her focus is around providing trusted and reliable nutritional advice to women pre/post pregnancy, offering online support and advice and selling nourishing food products that are designed to nourish you through every trimester! 


Laura is passionate about the same things we are: 

Health, Food + Nutrition. 

Working with Laura, we have been able to refine our product range to ensure we are using ingredients that have a high nutritional value and produce products that are inline with our core principles.   


We have the privilege of creating recipes for The Pregnancy Food Company, and manufacture a range of bespoke food products for them. 



This influential business, is bringing healthy snacks to women pre / post pregnancy, providing an array of food products, gift boxes, online nutrition advice and MORE!  Check out there website here:

The Wilderness Files is centred around supporting women stepping into the wilderness of their business dreams. We are lucky to be involved in this burgeoning group of women who are coaching each other to succeed in their mission.  Amongst a community of likeminded, energised women who are passionate about supporting each other. 


You have a dream but not sure where to begin? You want to be your own boss and create a business with purpose and meaning? You have made a start but going it alone is daunting and overwhelming? We've been there too!  


The wilderness can be scary, lonely and often the path ahead isn't clear. Remove confusion, overwhelm and isolation and join us to help lead you through the wilderness. 

Collaborating with well known yoga studio, YOGA BODHI in Bath, catering day retreats that will be running throughout the year.

With varying practises throughout the day complimented with freshly prepared wholesome food and refreshments by us!


Snickeroo Bar 

Berry Bountyful Bar 

Salted Maca Millionaire

Orange Almond Bar

Maple Pecan Slice

Apricot Marzipan Bar 

Chocolate Praline Bar 

Super Seed Flapjack






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